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If you have leaking, sagging, cracked, or peeling gutters.  Or if  you are in need of replacing the soffit and fascia due to mold damage call us!


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Gutter Maintenance and Repair Appleton

Gutter maintenance and repair is a vital aspect of your home maintenance routine.  When homeowners neglect to maintain and repair their gutters horrific problems can arise.  When your gutters become full of debris from trees and other factors and is left to remain in there without cleaning, the troughs and downspouts will eventually crack, split, and peel.  These signs of gutter damage are your warning that your gutters urgently need maintenance and repair.  Cracking, splitting, and peeling, when caught early are mostly repairable.  We can also paint your gutters to compensate for the peeling that may occur to your gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Appleton will repair your gutters to make them as close to workable by sealing the cracks and splits. However, keep in mind that our gutter repair service is typically an add-on service to our gutter cleaning service because of the work that goes into repairing gutters.  We will begin the gutter repair by cleaning the area around the leak.  Plastic roofing cement is suitable if the holes are smaller than the diameter of a nail.  If the holes are larger than the diameter of a nail, we will fill the holes with slight amounts of flashing material.  Flashing material is the same material that makes up your gutters.  We will imbed the flashing material into the plastic roofing cement.  We will then smooth out the area to ensure the water will not get held up during the draining process.

An image of a person performing a gutter repair on a white downspout on a home in appleton.

The next thing that we will do is check your downspouts for leaks at the joints.  Gravity over time can cause theses areas to weaken, which can eventually cause a leak.  We will safely remove the screws from the downspouts to remove them so we can successfully repair the leak.  We will repair the leak by cleaning the area and then replacing the rubber gaskets if you have PVC or vinyl gutters.  The last step is to apply silicone caulk to the downspouts and reassemble the gutters.

By allowing your gutters to fill up with fallen debris can cause them to sag.  To fix your sagging gutter, we will tighten any loose hangers and also ensure that the gutters are straight.  Straightening the gutters requires aligning the gutters with a string or another version of a guide wire.  It is important to position long gutters with a peak in the middle, which allows the water to reach the downspouts properly. 

An image of a residential home in appleton that needs gutter repair services due to severe damage to the gutter system.

Regardless of the amount of damage to your gutter system, the professionals at Gutter Cleaning Appleton can restore it.  If the damage is too extensive and we are not able to repair the damaged section or sections of gutter, we most  certainly can replace the parts that are damaged.  There is no job too big or small for our team of gutter specialists. 

Obviously, it is always best to repair gutter damage as soon as it occurs, or at the very least, as soon as the damage is noticed so that the problem does not get any worse.  However, we understand that that is not always possible.  So, when the time is right for your home to undergo gutter maintenance or repair, contact Gutter Cleaning Appleton

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