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Gutter Cleaning Appleton

EEWWWWW!  Says everybody who climbs that ladder hoping to clean their gutters in the name of saving a buck or two.  Not you, not this day off, instead you’ll hang with the fam having a BBQ, or meeting the boys at the course to hit the links.  All this is possible because you called Gutter Cleaning Appleton.  We service the entire Appleton area, both commercial and residential with the best gutter cleaning services available.  We will clean your gutters and restore them to their original beauty, to the absolute best of our ability.  The typical homeowner should clean their gutters a minimum of two times per year.  However, if your home is on a lot that contains many trees, then the gutters on such properties should have a cleaning more like three to four times per year.

An image of a man who uses a gutter scoop to perform a gutter cleaning on a home in appleton. This gutter is full of fallen leaves.

To perform the cleaning we will first use a gutter scoop and a bucket to clear out most of the debris that has found its way into your gutters.  We will lie down tarps on the ground below to protect your landscaping.  Following the scooping process of the gutter cleaning, we will next use a high pressure vacuum cleaner that is fit with an attachment with a design unique to the eavestrough of your gutter system.  Using the vacuum, we will remove the remaining debris from the gutter.  After the vacuum process we will use a high power pressure washer to flush your eavestroughs and the downspouts. 

A man performs a much needed gutter cleaning on a residential gutter system in appleton.

While we are up on the ladder cleaning your gutters, we will also check the various components of your gutter system for efficacy.  If we find any damage to any component of your gutter system, we will bring it to your attention.  We will give you adequate time to decide on when you have us fix the broken part rather than proceeding with the repair process without your approval.  It is important to keep in mind that the gutter cleaning service provides the cleaning out of debris from the eavestroughs and downspouts of the gutter system.  If your gutters have mold, mildew, and any other stains, then you should consider adding the gutter whitening service on to the gutter cleaning service. 

An image of a man who performs a gutter cleaning on a gutter that is clogged with wet leaves and other debris.

Keeping your gutters clean is a vital aspect of every home maintenance program.  When you have Gutter Cleaning Appleton perform your gutter cleaning services, a minimum of two times per year you can ease the worry of risking potential damage to your roof, your basement/foundation, and your landscaping.  When homeowners neglect their gutters and allow them to become full of debris, the water that should travel through the troughs with ease meets resistance and can overflow.  The overflowing can leak into the wood of your roof, and soffit and fascia causing leaks both inside and outside of your home.  A leaky roof leads to mold, which is not only costly financially, but also costly to your health.  Water that pools up on the ground below as a result of an overflowing gutter, it has the potential to cause structural damage to your basement again leading to mold.  It also causes issues with the landscape as it disrupts the soil and causing shifts in the foundation. 

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